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The world has been thrown into an incredibly stressful crisis. For the very first time the universe is experiencing a global pandemic that has never been seen before. It is normal for us to feel anxious, afraid, worried, and uncertain. “An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.” -Viktor Frankl
Yet we can choose our attitude and how to cope and navigate this journey. 
  1. Daily Rituals to help you structure your day and create an inner calm mind.
  2. Guided Journaling exercises to help you process your fears and emotions.
  3. Questions to help you deepen your awareness and processing your experiences.
  4. Breathing techniques to help you release soothing hormones that quite the mind. 
  5. And much more...
I designed this Journal to help give Strength, encouragement & perspective.
Your Personal Healing Journal

Get your Healing Journal Guide.

It is a gift from me to you, simply because I care, because we are united in this pain and love matters!

Hey There! I'm Pearl Flax, a marriage Counselor and Love Relationship Coach
Pearl Flax is a Love Relationship Expert and Coach. Her specialty is helping couples create "Happily ever after" lives, by teaching them tools and skills that transform the way they show up in their marriages!

"A good marriage isn't something you find, it's something you make .... and you have to keep on making it." And Pearl teaches you how!